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Asheville Nc Drum Circle Video

16/06/2017 Learn about the famous Asheville drum circle and its role in the new Asheville Percussion Festival.

Asheville , NC.

04/06/2012 It started a decade ago with a group of drumming enthusiasts who felt the need to take it outside.

Today, it is a weekly downtown Asheville tradition that is as much a part of the cityscape as the.

06/05/2014 The Drum Circle at Pritchard Park in Asheville , NC USA has been a Friday night happening for over a decade.

All are welcome to come and play an instrument, dance, wiggle, hula-hoop, or simply.

17/07/2019 The Drum Circle is a free event all about creating harmony, both in music and with one another.

The weekly ritual draws hundreds of people together outside during the warm weather months (generally April through October).

It#s a tradition that began in Asheville in #, The Asheville Drum Circle started in 2001 with ten drummers and has since grown into a community-wide event.

These Fridays are filled with the free-flowing beats on a variety of types of drums: congas, dunduns, shekeres, and djembes.

Other percussion instruments like bells, tambourines, and triangles, also join the beat.

Asheville Drum Circle (ashevilledrumcircle)’s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

For an Asheville native, everyone knows of the drum circle happenings that occur every Friday night during the warm weather months in Pritchard Park.

It#s an experience to be remembered, but one that isn#t highly promoted for tourists to the area unless they #, Drum Circle in downtown Asheville.

We drum outside year round, weather permitting, but generally not in the winter.

We drum from about 6:00 until 9:45 every Friday night in Pritchard Park.

Bring your.

The Asheville Drum Circle is a free community event that happens every Friday night and welcomes all!.



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12/09/2017 Asheville , NC is a town with a unique vibe all its own (they don#t make #Keep Asheville Weird# bumper stickers for nothing).

And nothing captures the eclectic, artistic, free-spirited attitude quite like the city#s Drum Circle tradition.

asheville nc drum circle video