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Ar 638 8 Army Casualty Program

Army Regulation 638 # 8.

Casualty and Mortuary Affairs.

Army Casualty Program : Headquarters : Department of the Army.

Washington, DC.

7 June 2019.

SUMMARY of CHANGE : AR 638 # 8.

Army Casualty Program.

This regulation is certified current as of 7 June 2019.

Aside from the following administrative changes, no other changes.

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AR 638-8 : Pub/Form Date: 06/07/2019: Pub/Form Title: ARMY CASUALTY PROGRAM : Unit Of Issue(s) EBOOK PDF.

Pub/Form IDN: 0: Pub/Form PIN: 105267: Pub/Form.

AR 638#8 Army Casualty Program This major revision, dated 23 June 2015–o Changes the publication#s series and number from 600-8-1 to 638-8 (cover).

o Removes the use of a Soldier and other clergy to accompany and assist the casualty notification officer (para 1-10).

o Clarifies responsibilities of The Surgeon General and the Armed Forces, This DA Pam prescribes the procedures for the Army Casualty Program #s policies, and mandated responsibilities, outlined in AR 638#8.

This DA Pam provides an operating source document for field personnel.

It is binding for all communities involved in Army casualty operations.


References See appendix A.


Explanation of.

Army Regulation 638#2.

Casualty and Mortuary Affairs.

Army Mortuary Affairs Program : Headquarters : Department of the Army.

Washington, DC.

28 November 2016.


Army Mortuary Affairs Program.

This mandated revision, dated 28 ar 638 8 army casualty program