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Ao Tables In Jira

The SQL database for Jira Server / Data Center will contain a number of AO tables.

These tables are created by plugins in Jira.

However in many cases, such as migrations of platforms, and migrations of database types, it can be difficult to sometimes identify which plugin created which table.


This article explains how you can easily identify the plugin and/or vendor of Active Objects ( AO ) tables that can be found in the Jira Application Database.

There is an related KB of List of Jira Server AO table names and vendors where you can find a listing of the most popular plugins and the AO tables they create.

You must have the ability to query your Jira database to make use of.

22/10/2013 Hi, I see the “RAPID_VIEW_ID” field is referenced in the SPRINT table but in JIRA Database that I am connected to, I dont have that field in SPRINT table.





This adds the issues for each sprint in a board:, 01/10/2019 The AO table names will in most cases contain the last 6 characters the MD5-hash of the Atlassian plugin key, but when building with the maven- jira -plugin some additional rules apply.

Under the hood it is not the Atlassian plugin key but the MD5 hash of the bundle manifest’s Bundle-SymbolicName (generated by BND) that provides the AO table name.

Generated by: SchemaCrawler 8.

16 Database: MySQL 5.


19 Database Type: mysql Database Name: defaultDS jiradb.


AO _575BF5_PROCESSED_COMMITSBIT, Hi Jobin, Is it also possible to create complex query using OfBizDelegator, like selecting from multiple jira tables ?


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AO table for jira -development-integration-plugin is not created.


Affected plugin: jira -development-integration-plugin Branch: more-compat-fix.

In the plugin XML, we have a the following module descriptor: When running in JIRA 6.

5, the table is created correctly.

However, when running in JIRA 7.

0, the table is not created.

When a new Confluence database is created on 5.

6, 5.

7 (older versions do apply as well), the AO tables are created using the VARCHAR datatype even if using the correct dialect for SQL server.

It is known that Confluence must use the NVARCHAR, NTEXT and NCHAR datatypes as stated in this KB article , however AO (Active Objects) tables always used.

As part of JIRA Service Desk now, JIRA is storing the incoming mails in the database (done by the JEPP).

Those are stored inside the AO _2C4E5C_MAILITEMCHUNK table.

JIRA is, sometimes, silently failing to import or export the active objects part of the backup.

Steps to Reproduce.

Install JIRA ; Import the backup linked on the private comments.


AO _54307E_VIEWPORTFORM[ table ] CALL_TO_ACTION text DESCRIPTION text ICON int4 ID serial INTRO text ISSUE_TYPE_ID int8 KEY varchar(255) NAME text “ORDER” int4 VIEWPORT_ID int4 fk_ ao _54307e_viewportform_viewport_id public.

AO _54307E_IMAGES [ table ] CONTENTS text ID serial public.

AO _54307E_QUEUE [ table ] ID serial JQL text PROJECT_ID int8.

ao tables in jira