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Alpinestars Tech T Trials Boots Review

22/02/2020 The choice of living trials legend Toni Bou, the Alpinestars Tech T Trials Boots deliver the uncompromised mobility demanded by trials riders at the highest level of competition.

The replaceable rubber outsole is optimized for rough terrain, utilizing a very soft high-grip compound that transfers even the most minute weight distribution.

29/08/2016 Additional features of the Alpinestars Tech – T Trials Boots include an extended PU synthetic gaiter to seal out water / dirt, a three-buckle closure system, and 3D mesh inner lining for improved.

Alpinestars Tech – T : Alpinestars Tech – T Trials Boots : The new Tech – T trials boots are slated to replace the long-running and popular Alpinestars No-Stop trials boots , and Alpinestars has taken some of the best features of the No-Stop boots and made them better in the Tech – T boots.

Similar to the No-Stop boots , the Tech -Ts use a three-buckle memory closure system along with an integrated #, Alpinestars Tech T Trial boots Black $ 469.

00 Developed and tested in the most challenging terrains around the globe and already the mainstay of trials legend Toni Bou, the Tech T features a new, The Tech T features a new ergonomic shinplate for protection, and a specially developed propriety sole.

This offers support and protection while giving sensitivity and dexterity of the foot pegs # critical for today#s trials riders as they attempt eve more incredible moves.

Take a look at these amazing boots from Alpinestars , as worn by trials legends Toni Bou, Cabestany, Fajardo and Fujinami, and now YOU!.

the Tech T boot is CE certified to CE CERTIFIED EN 13634:2010;.

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