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Alphablocks D On Drums

24/05/2015 The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who discover that whenever they hold hands and make a word, something magical happens.

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Magic Words: 4.

Meet Alphablock D.

Alphablock D drums all day! Find out how to make the / d / sound and have a ton of phonics fun with Alphablock D and the magic words dog, dot and dig.

Alphablocks is a step-by-step reading programme grouped neatly into five colour-coded levels.

Each level introduces new letters and letter teams along with new phonics ideas and key skills.

D says d – d – d when he plays the drums : d ! D drums all day and his drumming is delightful, but he sometimes makes a deafening din! He’s in the BAND with.

Everyone helps D make a drum.

p-a-t, PAT! The Alphablocks play pat-a-cake, but D wants to drum , not pat.

p-a- d , PAD! D sees a picture of a drum on a drawing pad.

p-a-n, PAN! That is not a real drum.

p-i-n, PIN! D thinks he is definitely defeated.

t-a-p, TAP! T, A and P all tap the objects in rhythm.

d -i-n, DIN! The Alphablocks play a loud din.

In this episode, B, A, N, and D have a battle of the bands.

STORY: The Alphablocks Band begins to play, but D plays the drums loud.

B decides to have a battle of the bands.

B and A play pop, and N and D play rock.

Who wants to be in B and A’s band?

CAB – A taxi appears and A, B, and C go for a ride.

GAB – G, A, and B gab.

Poor D loves to drum but he has no drums.

Sound out and blend simple words to help D , I, N and M make the best band ever.

It’s a disaster! Poor D loves to drum but he has no drums.

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Then D he has Play Drums.

Then A drops in.

They try again and people this shunt.

b-a- d , BAD! B, A and D gets a new instrument.

Everyone helps B make a Bass Guitar in repair some happen.

How will the other Alphablocks help?

BIG – B can she reaches the Big appears D Save Up.

BIS – Bis appears.

But it D Save Up doesn’t have.

BUN – A bun appers bun.

23/09/2017 As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: https://bbc.

in/2OLEvWf Join the Alphablocks as they explore lots of words beginning with the letter D ! Alphablocks is the hit.

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