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Alma Desk Company High Point Nc

Photograph, black and white, depicting Alma Desk Company ‘s industrial fire brigade undergoing fire extinguisher training.

A member of the High Point Fire Department leads the demonstration.

Handwritten on reverse is ” Alma Desk Co.

/ Industrial Fire Brigade / 1960″.

I have an office desk made by Alma Desk Company in July 14, 1974, inside one of the drawers is a sticker that has ARCHITECTURAL T.


by Alma Desk Co.

High Point , N.


This drawer is part of the secretary return that attaches to the main desk.

Sep 2, 2018 – Myrtle desk and Alma Desk were one of th efirst two furniture companies in High Point NC.

Alma was start in 1895 and Myrtle was started in 1905.

Both were acquired by Charles Hayworth in the mid 1920’s.

Mr Hayworth also owned the first plywood mill in the High Point area and moved both of his new companies into the office furniture arena so as not to compete with his Hayworth.

Alma Desk Co Plant 1 is located in Guilford County in the city of High Point , NC.

In 1991, the most recent year on file, Alma Desk Co Plant 1 released 68,015 pounds of pollutants.

Polluter data was obtained from the Toxic Release Inventory Program.

The goal of the Toxics Release Inventory program is to provide communities with information about.

I have a desk made by Alma Desk in High Point NC.

it is made of oak.

has one drawer in the front and two drawers down the right side.

the bottom drawer is larger.

there is a sliding board above the top drawer for writing.

from the appearance I surmise it is a student’s desk or one for a secretary.

there is no metal on or in it.

the drawer pulls are made from the same oak.

alma desk company high point nc