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Alhambra Guitars Cs2 Cw E2

20/09/2012 Acoustic Guitar contributing editor Doug Young demonstrates the Alhambra Crossover CS-1 CW E2 hybrid nylon-string guitar.

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Alhambra CS-1 CW E1 Crossover;.

the CS-1 CW E2 carries on a Fishman Prefix Problend device that will certainly prove helpful in front of an audience.

Pretty easy to get accustomed, thanks to its handy neck, this guitar will bring great satisfaction to folk adepts who wants to switch to classical.

TOP : #, The Alhambra Guitars Crossover series is a unique fusion of classical guitar and acoustic guitar.

It has a classic guitar body, but has a narrower neck and a cutaway like an acoustic guitar.

It is a new.

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Alhambra CS-LR CW E2.


8,500 (DKK).

This Alhambra guitar features a radiused fingerboard and it enables the player to feel like playing a steel string guitar while sounding as a classical.

The Alhambra Crossover is a guitar with a look and sound that offers you the best of two worlds.

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Alhambra CS-3- CW E2 Cross-Over.

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03/01/2013 Spanish manufacturer Alhambra has been building guitars since the mid-1960s, with a substantial product line of classical and steel-string guitars as well as other stringed instruments.

With its cherry red#stained mahogany back and sides, dark cedar top, and inlay pattern of lighter wood on the bridge and headstock, the Crossover CS-1 CW E2.

The Alhambra 9P CW E2 Classical Guitar is a cutaway / electronics version of Alhambra ‘s model 9P.

It is a beautiful, all solid, concert-quality classical guitar.

It is beautifully crafted, has a wonderful tone, is very loud, and is very playable.

This is an excellent choice for the serious guitar player.

The Alhambra Crossover CS-3 CW E2 is an excellent solution to those who are willing to express modern music with a classy touch.

With a neck of 48 mm and its flexibility of fine quality of Cedar top, this instrument has the versatility of giving you a beautiful sound plugged or unplugged.

The Alhambra Guitar Classiq 7p is a nylon string, guitar was made in Japan and I believe that it has 24 frets.

It doesn’t have a pick up and is not an acoustic-electric guitar – because of this it has no setting controls.

Alhambra Guitars 5P CW E2 – ” sublime” translated.


Well I just got this guitar alhambra guitars cs2 cw e2