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Al Murray Drum Kits

The British Drum Co.

manufactures handcrafted drum kits in the UK using Scandinavian Birch and Mahogany for its Legend Series, Lounge Series and Imp Kits.

Designed and made in Britain, BDC drum kits offer uncompromising quality to give drummers a rich, warm and powerful tone from their drums.

He was responsible for bringing back UK hand-built drums to our most historic drum company.

When that association ended things fell into place remarkably quickly, with timely help from Al Murray.

Al actually started drumming around age nine, playing orchestral percussion at school, #Because my school was straight-laced and frowned on drum kits.

Comedian, occasional pub landlord, drummer, Aston artist and Director of the British Drum Company, Al Murray stopped by the Aston booth at NAMM to tell us what#s going on at BDC, and to rave about the Astons he uses on his kit ! #Clearly getting a good cymbal overhead sound is a big deal # I#ve got some Aston Starlights at home and some Aston Spirits and they#re absolutely brilliant.







Al Murray Managing Director # Founder.

He has published books and is planning a movie, but his first love is drums.

A keen and enthusiastic drummer, Al has played since he was a kid, and is currently active in the band ‘Fat Cops’ who released their eponymous.

The other thing we talk about at British Drum Co.

is that we#ve got a Snare drum called the Duke that#s made out of bog oak – that#s 3,000-year-old oak.

We always say that if you want a vintage drum – because everyone is obsessed with vintage drums from the #60s – well here is a vintage drum #, 16/06/2010 Al Murray talks drums ! By Chris Barnes 16 June 2010.

The Pub Landlord gets his rock on with T-34.


Al murray.

We’ve all seen Al Murray ‘s hilarious alter-ego, The Pub Landlord.

Maybe some of you saw him on the recent I’m In A Rock And Roll Band show.

I got my first kit when I was 12 or 13 and had periods of playing a lot and then.

01/03/2019 Comedian Al Murray plays the drums in band Fat Cops Credit: Duncan McGlynn.

But being in a band is every middle-aged bloke#s fantasy and Murray #, British Drum Co.

shells manufactured in the UK, boasting handcrafted snare drums and drum kits including the Legend Series, Lounge Series and the Bluebird snare drum.

As one of the most exciting drum companies in Britain, British Drum Company drum kits have risen to become one of the most sought after kits in the UK today.

25/10/2016 Regular MusicRadar users may already be fully aware of Al Murray #s musical credentials.

Not only is the much-loved stand-up comedian a stellar drummer, he#s also co-owner of his own drum firm, the British Drum Company.

British Drum Company is all going very nicely,# he tells us during a rare breather from his current UK stand-up tour.

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