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Akantor Boots X.

Rare 10: Akantor Mask XR.

Akantor Aegis XR.

Akantor Claws XR.

Akantor Cincture XR.

Akantor Hessian XR.

Rare 10: Akantor Fangs XR.

Akantor Plate XR.

Akantor Gauntlets XR.

Kiranico | MHGU Search Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate English.

Akantor Sash R Akantor Boots R; 11,330z: 11,330z: 11,330z: 11,330z: 11,330z: 1: Hyper Pyroscale x2 Key Wyvern Crystal x1 Akantor Spike x4 Hyper LV2: 8 #.

XR # Akantor Sash XR Crafted using Hyper materials and special techniques to grant new capabilities.

XR # Akantor Boots XR, Fortunately, many monsters in MHGU only require low grade earplugs.

If you want an HGE GS set that isn’t mixed, you should try the Grimclaw or Dreadking set, though you could do better honestly.

If you really wanted to use Akantor XR pieces in your set, you can filter it so those pieces are used in the sets too.

level 1.

1 point 7 months.

Akantor ; Follow @kiranico_en.

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com! Akantor.


Base HP.


Base Size #0.

Small Size #0.

Big Size #0.

King Size.

Akantor boots xr 1 Precise jewel 1 3 precise jewel 2 2 critical jewel 1 1 chain crit 1 Skills will be Crit eye +2 Pierce up Shot booster Repeat offender Critical boost This is the best set you can make without the charm needed to use the kushala hbg and the weapon is interchangable with avidea eye (regular narg lbg) if you feel like playing.

Wepwawet Bow is also one of the best bows in MHGU.

Needs LoadUp and is used against monsters with Big openings like Valfalk or Astalos.

Sacred Bow G5 has -30Raw than Wepwawet, but has PowerCoatings1 too, so its also used for long hunts like ExtremeDiablos.

Akantor Fangs XR 0–Kushala Vise GX 0– Akantor Gauntlets 0–Silver Solcoat XR.

With so many creatures in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate ( MHGU ) there are a lot of different armor and weapon types available to match.

While all the armor sets are useful, some are bound to.

#Hub#DL# 19,500 HP : x3.

00: x11.

20: x0.

70: x2.

20: x2.

80: x2.

20, ultimatly you want a mixed set and Akantor Boots XR are always a good one to have, but for a full set to use, Shogun Ceanataur works pretty well for a lower end set with decent skills PSN ID: Lavos2009akantor boots xr mhgu