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Aj Way Riser Recliner Chairs

Electric and Mobility Riser Recliner Chairs from A J Way.

What we do is simple, we make chairs to fit people.

We hope you enjoy reading about our selection of electric and mobility riser recliners chairs.

We offer free assessments and demonstrations throughout the #, Rise and Recliner Chairs Beautifully designed, traditionally handcrafted, the A J Way range of riser recliner chairs offers fantastic choic to enhance independence and ensure total comfort.

By simple use of a handset, the chair will either raise you forward and upward to a standing position or gently recline you back to rest and relax.

Complementing both the Chatsworth riser recliner chairs are the static armchairs and two-seater settee enabling everyone to experience the sitting quality of our range.

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uk/ riser – recliners Our riser recliners all perform differently, meaning we can always find the right choice for you.

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The Dual Motor facility will recline further back than the single motor recliner and the handset incorporates a Reset button, allowing the chair to gently glide back to the rest position and stop.

Product Features: Celebrity Woburn Riser Recliner – Independent control of footrest and seat back recline – Easy to use handset with Reset button, This riser recliner is a contemporary chair designed with simplicity in mind.

This elegant chair accommodates the majority of dimensions to achieve a comfortable seated position that promotes good posture.

Complete with Arm-rest covers & Head-rest cover to protect fabric & easy cleaning.

aj way riser recliner chairs