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Acudose Rx Cabinets

AcuDose – Rx features the RightStock# system, an intelligent feature set that automatically optimizes cabinet inventory and reduces costly expired medications and stock outs.

AcuDose – Rx is the most flexible and easy-to-learn cabinet on the market, and the only one optimized for use in both cabinet -centric and patient-centric medication.

In addition to integrating with AcuDose-Rx cabinets , the XT Controlled Substance Manager also provides closed-loop restocking for the Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation#, our market-leading solution for managing and securing medications and supplies in the operating room.

AcuDose – Rx Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet.

The Aesynt AcuDose – Rx is the automated dispensing cabinet that helps hospitals enhance patient safety and care, while improving speed, efficiency and accuracy in medication delivery.

With input from thousands of nurses and pharmacy staff, the cabinet was designed on an intuitive workflow.

It integrates with the Omnicell XT and AcuDose – Rx Automated Dispensing Cabinets , providing perpetual controlled substance inventory management and an automated audit trail.

Addresses the challenges of managing controlled substance inventory, helping the pharmacy comply with regulatory standards while increasing efficiency, 01/04/2019 You’ll see more emphasis on safety with automated dispensing cabinets ( AcuDose – Rx , Pyxis, etc).

based on updated practice guidelines.

Help reduce the risk of cabinet mishaps with these tips.

Regularly observe environments around cabinets on your units.

The risk of errors may go up if the location is chaotic.

far from supplies (syringes, tubing, etc).

or dimly lit.

01/05/2017 Customers using AcuDose-Rx cabinets can now add XT cabinets that operate with AcuDose – Rx software.

This means the user interface will be familiar to end users, making it easy to have a combination of AcuDose – Rx and XT cabinets in the same facility.

These customers can now benefit from XT cabinet features such as Guiding Lights, which guide the.

AcuDose-Rx cabinets feature a wide variety of drawer sizes and storage pockets, with three security levels o# ering room for more secure line items.

To support medication safety, only the selected storage pocket can be accessed during dispensing and restocking, helping to reduce picking errors; and bar-code scanning on restock keeps items, Windows 10 operating system is supported for 10 years with XT cabinets * AcuDose – Rx systems in U.



Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet Choices.

No other medication dispensing system offers more cabinet choices to meet the needs of acute and non-acute care sites.

01/12/2011 AcuDose-Rx cabinets operate on the latest version of the Connect- Rx software, the platform that integrates McKesson’s full suite of automated medication dispensing products through a shared database.

Connect- Rx gives healthcare professionals a central view of medication data, robust reporting capabilities and unique integration features.

acudose rx cabinets