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A V P U Stands For

AVPU : Abbreviation and mnemonic for prehospital assessment of mental status.

Refers to assessments: alert; responsive to verbal stimuli; responsive to painful stimuli; and unresponsive.

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, AVPU is a very basic assessment of a person#s level of consciousness and is very commonly used in both First Aid and Pre-hospital care because of its simplicity and ease of use.

, The AVPU scale (an acronym from “alert, verbal, pain, unresponsive”) is a system by which a health care professional can measure and record a patient’s level of consciousness.

It is mostly used in emergency medicine protocols, and within first aid.

It is a simplification of the Glasgow Coma Scale, which assesses a patient response in three measures: eyes, voice and motor skills.

, The acronym AVPU is used to determine the alertness and level of consciousness of a patient.

It is commonly taught in first aid courses and used by triage personnel, first aiders and emergency.

, #V# stands for Voice: It may happen that the victim is not alert but you can get them to open their eyes.

If the injured person obeys a command given by you or is able to speak to you, then you can say that they are responsive to voice.

#P# stands for Pain: In this state, the #, 06/01/2016 DRS ABCD is an acronym/mnemonic taught on first aid courses across the world.

It is designed to help people have a structure for how to act in a medical emergency.

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: The ungrammatical expansion of this abbreviation , aures unitas , given in many reference works, is entirely without historical foundation.

The JCAHO directs that each ear or both ears be written in full to avoid confusion with similar abbreviations.

Abbreviation for auris utraque [L.

], each ear or both ears.

, An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation , created from the initial letters of a phrase or a word.

The first aid world uses many acronyms to help us remember different treatments.

In this series we have explained the meanings of the most common first aid acronyms to help you avoid confusion! A.




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a v p u stands for