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A E K chert Jewellery

The esteemed Austrian jewellery firm of A.


Kchert is today run by the 7 th generation of the Kchert family.

The firm#s extensive and wonderfully detailed archives allow us to trace the history of both the people and jewels that made this arguably the most important Austrian jewellery #, A.


Kchert Jewellers is a family run business since 1814 and today one of Vienna’s best known jewellers.

It was foremost the Empress Elisabeth (Sissy) that made Kchert’s creations world famous in the mid 19th century – not many women knew how to wear jewellery as well as she did in those days, and she mostly chose one of Kchert’s masterpieces to wear with her grand outfits.

One of her.



Kchert is a renowned jewelry company known for their in-house goldsmithing and finely crafted pieces, which once adorned members of the Austro-Hungarian court and other aristocracy throughout Europe.

The original founding of the company was in 1814 by the French goldsmith Emanuel Piot in Vienna, Austria who hired a young craftsman named Jakob Heinrich Kchert to work for him.

The Viennese jeweller A.


Kchert is a family-owned company steeped in tradition.

For 200 years it has been creating elegant jewellery of the highest quality.

The Kchert jewellers delivered jewellery to the Viennese royal court and were the personal imperial jewellers of Emperor Franz Joseph.

The main branch of A.


Kchert jewelry has been at Neuer Markt 15 since 1873, and in December of 2005, a further store was opened at the exclusive Alter Markt 15 in Salzburg.



Kchert Juweliere Neuer Markt 15 / A-1010 Vienna / +43 1 512 58 28 / +43 1 513 40 22 /, Founded in 1814, the esteemed firm of A.


Kchert is arguably the most important Austrian jewellery firm of the last two centuries.

They were appointed Imperial and Royal Court Jewellers by four successive generations of the Imperial Austrian Court and are today run by the 7th generation of the Kchert family from the same premises in Vienna that the family have owned for almost 150 years.

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Die renommierten Wiener Juweliere A.


Kchert , gegrndet 1814, sind weltbekannte K.



Hoflieranten und Erfinder der Sisi-Sterne.

a e k chert jewellery