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45ru Comms Rack

4Cabling have a great range of quality 45RU Full Height Server Racks & 45RU Full Height Data Cabinets.

Choose from 600mm or 800mm wide by 800mm, 900mm or 1000mm deep.

All free standing 45RU Server Racks include free shipping & come supplied fully assembled as a complete all in one solution.

Over 2,000 positive web reviews.

Rated 9.

4 out of 10.

The best way to keep everything working is to store servers in a temperature controlled 45Ru server rack available from Rack World Systems.

In addition to our server cabinets at 45Ru rack height, we also sell a wide selection of accessories including 45Ru PDU (Power Distribution Unit), 45Ru #, Australian-made to Australian and international manufacturing standards, CRS server racks and cabinets are hardy and robust, yet also contemporary in design, providing universal compatibility with servers, UPS systems, data storage, back-up devices, environmental control and cable management systems.

Find great deals on any 45ru cabinet or rack storage solution for your equipment.

Our 45 u rack systems are safe, affordable and ready to ship.

45RU Rack – Premium Low Cost 45 RU Racks & Cabinets for Sale at DataWorld, Wideband 45RU 800mm Wide x 900mm Deep with Built-in Thermostat Fully Assembled Free Standing Server Rack Data Cabinet SKU : CB45FS89BKH $ 1,570.

00 $ 1,364.

00 inc GST, Server Racks.

Our 19# Server Racks are designed to meet your serious data installation needs.

Whether for network infrastructure, servers, security, comms , or other important applications, our range of Data Racks offers a wide array of features, and represent outstanding value for the serious data professional.

These data cabinets are available to a depth of up to 1200mm deep and utilising.

Designed for branch offices, small offices and any non-IT space where there isn#t the room, the time or the budget to build a dedicated IT zone – the NetShelter CX server enclosure is an ultra-portable, secure, economic, plug-and-play IT solution.

You simply roll it in to the open office, put your equipment inside, plug it in and close the doors.

With the NetShelter CX Soundproofed #Server.

The industry standard for data centers # The 42U Universal Server Rack is compatible with a wide variety of servers and rack -mountable networking equipment, including Dell, HP, Austin Hughes, IBM, Kendall Howard, Great Lakes, Martin Enclosures, Chatsworth, and APC products.

The 42U Rack is completely customizable and can handle even the heaviest loads # up #, Rack Technologies is a specialist in rack system enclosures and accessories for the communications , data, electronic, security and electrical industries.

The company was founded in Sydney, Australia on March 15th 1990 and was acquired by Preformed Line Products (Australia) Pty Ltd in April 2000.

Class C&B Series Cabinets are manufactured to the stringent standards required by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).

These cabinets provide high-level security for data and communications equipment used in a secure network environment.

45ru comms rack