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40dp Timing Belts

65 rows Please review our list of T81 ( 40DP ) Pitch molds available for the production of molded urethane timing belts and specialty belts.

1040 North Ridge #, We offer timing belts in a variety of profiles and configurations to pair with our precision timing pulleys; standard profiles include MXL, XL, L, 40DP , T, HTD, and GT2 timing belts.

We can also manufacture custom timing belts that are tailored to your unique specifications.

Request a quote on standard or custom timing belts.

MXL, XL, L, and 40 D.


profile timing belts incorporate the industry standard trapezoidal shaped tooth profile to mesh with a standard timing belt pulley.

The positive grip created by the teeth prevents slippage or creep that can occur with plain flat belts.

They also require low belt tension, which produces small bearing loads.

TIMING 40DP 40DP Belts 40DP.

0816 Pitch (2.

07mm) Materials Urethane – Kevlar Cord Breaking Strength: Up to 150 Teeth — 80 lbf per 1/8# Belt Width 155 Teeth & over — 130 lbf per 1/8# Belt Width, Plastock is a product of Putnam Precision Molding.

All Plastock components are manufactured in Putnam CT.

Plastock products include injection molded Timing Belt Pulleys, Timing Belts , Spur Gears, Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, Drag Chain and sprockets.

Putnam Precision Molding is also a custom injection molder of high performance and engineering grade thermoplastics including PEEK, Torlon.

Belts Timing 40DP LT Pitch.

Belts – Timing – 2.

073mm Pitch – 40DP – 3.

2mm Wide.

Sizes & Prices.

Also see combined categories: All 40DP 2.

073mm Pitch Timing Belts.

Standard Series Timing Belts 2.

072mm or 0.

0816 inch pitch.

Also known as LT.

Pitch (P) – 2.

073mm (0.

0816 inch).

Belts working load should be rated at approximately 1/15th of their.

40dp timing belts