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2lis_11_V_Ssl Tables

now i want to fill setup tables for below datasources, can you suggest what are tcodes to fill up setup tables for below datasources.






for 11 can i still use OLI7BW no matter what datasource it is?

for 13 will it be differeent datasource then ?

Field VDATU has the same name as Update Date for Statistics Update for DataSources 2LIS_11_VAITM and 2LIS_11_VASCL.

In 2LIS_11_VAHDR however, the field VDATU contains the sold-to party’s Requested Delivery Date.

If you need a field that can take over the Update Date for Statistics Update function, proceed as described in SAP Note 719603.

ROCANCEL – Cancellation of the data record, 25/01/2011 BW Setup Tables List.

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Application DataSource.


MC11V_0SSLSETUP BW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0SCL SD Sales Orders.


27/12/2013 I am using 2LIS_11_V_SSL data source to extract essential information about the delivery of order schedule lines to SAP BW system and loading into 0SD_O04 # Open Request Schedule Line DSO to calculate backorder quantity.

I have noticed that some order items are not extracted.

I was trying to fill the setup tables with the selection of sales document number in OLI7BW transaction but it is.

03/03/2016 2lis_11_v_ssl is datasource of order delivery.

Check if in table VBEP, for the sales document in question, field LFREL is marked with “x” or not.

If the field is empty, it means that the sales order is not marked as delivery relevant, meaning that Datasource 2LIS_11_V_SSL won’t extract the #, This DataStore object (advanced) serves as the corporate memory DSO for the DataSource Sales Document Order Delivery ( 2LIS_11_V_SSL ).


The corporate memory is filled independently of the EDW core layer#s update.

The modeling property Inbound table as extended table has been turned on.

This means the persistence of data for this.

Hi All, I Have a problem, when I want to fill the setup tables for Sales Order (11), the tables for datasource 2LIS_11_V_SSL are not being filled.

2lis_11_v_ssl tables