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2lis_03_Bf Tables In Sap

How can i find the base table of 2lis_03_bf from where it is extracting data ?

78 rows This InfoSource delivers the data for material movements from MM Inventory Management #, 25/01/2011 2LIS_03_BF.


Save BW Reorganization for MC03BF0 Inventory Controlling.



BW Stock Initialization Storage for MC03BF Inventory Controlling.



Save BW Reorganization for MC03UM0.


Production / Shop Floor Control.


MC04P_0ARBSETUP, Hi, I am working on Material movements, and i have a How to do document.

According to that, its showing me to fill up set up table for 2Lis_03_bf by using TCode OLI1BW, and in the very next step its again telling me to fill up set up table for UM, by using the same TCODE ( OLI1BW ).

26/06/2018 Base Tables # BKPF and BSEG Usage of 2LIS_03_BX of course depends upon how many years of historical data exists in the S4/HANA MM Inventory Management.

Ideally, if up to only 3 years of Historical Data exists, then entire data can be pulled from 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM.

All the pre-requisites before initial load remain the same.

For e.


:-, Hi gurus, I need to build a KPI called Stock Outs (The number of material that is not in stock), the tables required are MARD and RESB, I think I have to use 2LIS_03_BF but I’m not sure If I can take all the fields required.

Do you know anywhere wher, The associated source field in SAP R/3 is KZBWS.

The indicator enables you to make detailed stock evaluations in BW, e.


in particular, quantity statements regarding valuated stocks.

The InfoSource 2LIS_03_BF already contains this InfoObject.

Dear BW Gurus Do any consultant out there has experience of using Data Source 2LIS_03_BF.

If you do, please do you know which R/3 table the data source gets its quantity data.

I am trying to reconcile BW data with R/3, so the r/3 tables will be of help.

I have triend r/3 tables MARD, MARC AND MSEG, but I cannot reconcile the data to r/3 I will.

2010/04/16 12:49 RE:[ sap -bw] 2LIS_03_BF , 2LIS_03_BX, PM 2LIS_BF_UM details.

Please respond to sap [email protected]

ITt oolbox.


Posted by sapta18 (Software Developer).

The main motive to separate the base tables and extraction tables is to improve the #, 17/09/2014 SAP doesn#t allow direct access to application tables and hence to extract data from those tables , we have setup table as an interface between them and the extractor.

Load from setup table is used to initialize delta loads, which means this is always a full load from the application tables , based on the selection provided while running setup job.

2lis_03_bf tables in sap