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2lis_03_Bf Datasource Tables

Hi Rajib, Adding to the above thread.

u can get these details from LBWE.

look for ur extractor under the inventory management.

there click on the communication strucure of ur DS,.

78 rows Table of Contents Menu.

DataSource 2LIS_03_BF.

The DataSource 2LIS_03_BF is set #, The structure corresponds to the structure of the InfoSource Material Movements (as of 2.

0B) ( 2LIS_03_BF ).

The corresponding DataSource from the OLTP system contains additional fields for which there is no InfoObject in the InfoSource.

If you require information from these fields, enhance the InfoSource with additional InfoObjects and assign.

03/02/2016 In this table you can find all fields selected by the customer, per extract structure and communication structure.


TMxACT – Relation of extract structure with datasource is present in this table.

datasources activation and updating status.

Also this one is supplied by SAP #, 25/01/2011 BW Setup Tables List.

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Application DataSource Setup Table.



Save BW Reorganization for MC03BF0.

Dear BW Gurus Do any consultant out there has experience of using Data Source 2LIS_03_BF.

If you do, please do you know which R/3 table the data source gets its quantity data.

I am trying to reconcile BW data with R/3, so the r/3 tables will be of help.

I have triend r/3 tables MARD, MARC AND MSEG, but I cannot reconcile the data to r/3 I will.

2LIS_03_BF : Goods Movements From Inventory Management.

To fill the setup tables of 2LIS_03_BF using Tocde: OLI1BW Enter the Name of run Change the Termination time and click on Execute button.

After filling the setup tables go to Tcode: RSA3 Enter the datasource name execute and check weather data got filled in setup tables.

03/04/2014 2LIS_03_BF #-> 0IC_C03.

2LIS_03_UM #-> 0IC_C03.

2LIS_03_BX # Opening Stock Data Source.

The values obtained through this data source are the current status of the inventory.

2LIS_03_BF # Daily Inflow and Outflow of stock entries.

This data source is responsible for providing the stock received or consumed on a particular date.

2lis_03_bf datasource tables