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2lis 04 P Comp Setup Table

Please find below details to fill setup table.

T-code for filling setup tables LO extractors.

An overview of Datasources and the programs filling the relevant setup table (named MC* SETUP ).

With this handy table you can find the status of your current job or previous initialization jobs #, 25/01/2011 BW Setup Tables List.

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Application DataSource.


MC04P_0COMSETUP BW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0COM Production / Shop Floor Control.

, 01/08/2013 If the update is set to V1, then all tables are update and if any one fails, all are rolled back.

Done for all transaction plus critical statistics like credit management, etc.

V2 # asynchronous update # transactions are updated and statistical updates are done when the processor has free resources.

, 09/10/2015 Using LBWG transaction, we deleted the setup table.

In the t-code, specified Application as ’04’ and executed.

Then ran t-code OLI4BW to refill Setup table for the extractor.

Here we providedName of the Run as ‘2LIS04_001’ (Note: This name can be anything.

To check log, you will need this name in #, Hello Everybody,i hope you are fine.

I have applied settings in OPL5 in order to fill 2LIS_04 setup tables.

OPL5 is ok for all plants and materials.

The OLI4BW execution only fills 2LIS_04_P_MATNR and 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL but 2LIS_04_P_COMP is still empty.

After the execution of OLI4BW, RSA3 is not reaching data in 2LIS_04_P_CO MP.

After the execution.

, You may check the correspondent Setup Table or perform an extraction check for the relevant extractors in RSA3.

Filling Setup Tables 1- Before filling the Setup Tables , you need to ensure at least 1 extractor for the application is active in LBWE.

, ” 2LIS_04_P_COMP is only filled with delta, but not with INIT” Hello Everybody.

I am working with the infoproviders of the 0PP area, and i have completed in a successful way the following activities: 1) Filled the setup tables on oltp (using OLI4BW) 2) Filled the Infoproviders on BW (using an INIT infopackage for 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL, and 2LIS_04_P.

, 2LIS_04_P_COMP – No data populated! Hi, Im trying to load infocube Plan/Actual Comparison Material Consumption (technical name 0PP_C05).

I follow the follow steps in order to load it to BW: 1- Delete setup table ( Application 04) 2- Delete the Mx queue (04) 3 – Fill up the setup tab2lis 04 p comp setup table