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24k Magic Drum Machine

24K Magic (stylized as XXIVK Magic ) is the third studio album recorded by American singer and songwriter Bruno Mars and released by Atlantic Records on November 18, 2016.

Mars reunited with Philip Lawrence and Christopher Brody Brown, who composed the album under their joint alias Shampoo Press & Curl.

Mars enlisted new composers including The Stereotypes and James Fauntleroy.

Remove “his third studio album,” because we know what 24K Magic is.

“to create a song he needs” # “to create a song, he needs” “revelead” # “revealed” (typo) Wikilinks to instruments; Is it really necessary?

People know what an instrument is and he is not being specific about a strange instrument, just piano, drum machine and guitar.

10/12/2018 The latest episode of Reverb.

com#s Synth Sounds of#.

series takes a look at the Synth Sounds of Bruno Mars.

Reverb#s Will Kurk explores some of influences of Mar#s hits Uptown Funk, Finesse & 24K Magic # and shares his thoughts on how to get similar sounds, using a variety of synths.

An exclusive Ableton Live Pack designed by the Reverb team that captures the sound and personality of Bruno Mars’ iconic track, ” 24K Magic “.

Includes: MIDI arrangement of the track.

Custom-designed sounds using Ableton Live instruments, Arturia Prophet V3, Arturia Mini V3, Arturia Jup-8 V3, Roland.

Bruno Mars 24K magic drum cover by Toni Cannelli Uploaded 2 year ago Music 200; Photos 0; Interview 4 Gino Vannelli brother to brother drum cover by Toni Cannelli.

Drum practice, improvisation over a drum machine by Toni Cannelli.



Toni Cannelli – Drums Video Sheffield.

drum practice at 50 bpm with soft dynamics by Toni Cannelli.


24K Magic digital sheet music.

Contains printable sheet music plus an interactive, dwnladable digital sheet music file.

Contains complete lyrics This product is available worldwide * May not be appropriate for children.


This sample may show words spelled like this “Xxxxx”.

In the purchased product these words will not be X’d out.

24k magic drum machine