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1492 H Fuse Holder

Fuse Terminal Blocks.

Bulletin 1492 Fuse Terminal Blocks provide a simple way to add overcurrent protection into a circuit.

The status indicator lights when the fuse is blown, helping to speed troubleshooting.

The GMT-type fuse block has a visual alarm flag that also acts as an output contact for an electrical signal when the fuse is blown.

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Allen Bradley 1492-W10 Gray Terminal Block 2 Din Rail Strips Lot of 60 Blocks.



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Allen Bradley 1492-J4 Gray Terminal Block Din Rail Strip lot of 46.

30 – #12 AWG Black Single Circuit Open Construction Block.

Rated to 300V AC/DC and 12A maximum.

Wire Strip length is 0.

38 Inches.

Has LED blown Fuse Indicator.

1492-FB Fuse Holders.

Bulletin 1492-FB Fuse Holders are ideal for many OEM applications.

Our fuse holders give you a safe and convenient means for installation of class CC, J, and midget fuses.

Use our class CC and J holders for branch circuit protection.

They are excellent for wire protection, small motor loads, and group protection of small.

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1492 h fuse holder