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0fi Ar 4 Tables In Sap

0FI_AR_4 is based out of BSID / BSAD tables in the source system.

The billing document tables in R/3 are VBRK and VBRP.

Accounting tables are BKPF / BSEG.

Here is how you can obtain billing document number from accounting document: 1.



Go to BKPF – for the above input and for AWTYP = VBRK – pick up.

You can also use DataSources 0FI_AR_4 , 0FI_AP_4 and 0FI_TX_4 separately without 0FI_GL_4.

The DataSources can then be used independently of one another (see note 551044).

As soon as DataSource 0FI_GL_4 has been loaded, it is the leading DataSource with regard to accruals, such as the time and date (CPU date) by which extraction should be.

The communication structures of old InfoSource 0FI_AR_3 and new InfoSource 0FI_AR_4 are identical.

This means that the updating rules for data targets (ODS tables ) can be maintained.

The migration from InfoSource 0FI_AR_3 to InfoSource 0FI_AR_4 is described in note 410797.

Here, you can find a detailed description of the extraction procedure.

Accounts Recievable : Line Items – Customers: Items Tables BSAD ( Cleared Items ) BSID ( Open Items ) Delta Pointer Table BWOM2_TIMEST Related T-codes :, Hi Experts, Can any one please let me know how do we check the source tables of the Datasource 0FI_AP_4 or any other Datasource in general.


Mo, 20/01/2010 Please refer to below tables : BSAD Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers(Cleared Items) BSID Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers.

BSAK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items) BSIK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors.

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The modeling property Inbound table as extended table has been turned on.

This means the persistence of data for this corporate memory DSO is hard-disk based and not main memory-based if you use SAP IQ as extended storage for your SAP BW/4HANA system.

25/03/2011 This is the BW FI: Log Table for Changed Credit Management Data The 0FI_AP_8, 0FI_AP_9, 0FI_AP_10 extractors use this table for registering change data.


Settings for the delta extraction each entry in the table signifies a special purpose.

This table parameters are common to all the datasource extractors.

0fi ar 4 tables in sap